Can Tai Lopez Help Change Your Life With The 67 Steps?

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Tai Lopez 67 Steps program

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We live in a society that is driven by discontent. People want to enjoy better lives and many expect it to be handed to them on a silver platter. Here we have a program that pretty much slaps you upside the head and tells you that it isn’t going to work that way. And that program is called 67 Steps, the brainchild of a fellow by the name of Tai Lopez. Let’s take a look…

Tai Lopez is portrayed as an entrepreneur and a business investor – and he certainly has gained popularity in the last two years. He is a YouTube star whose videos are watched and shared by many. He talks a lot about wealth and achieving success online and offline, in your regular day-to-day life. However, he tells his subscribers that it won’t be easy. True success rarely is, so that’s not earth-shattering news.

He says that we should get rid of the entitled mindset if we want to get to where we wish to be. This YouTube sensation isn’t trying to ruffle any feathers. He says that he is merely speaking from experience.

But Can I Trust Tai Lopez?

Tai Lopez was a college dropout with less than a hundred bucks to his name who began working with mentors that he met along the way, and he eventually went to work as a financial planner after a winding road through “thousands” (his term) of books from some of the world’s greatest thinkers. Books do play a large part in his program as you’ll see.

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And, although he does not divulge names, he states that as an entrepreneur, he buys businesses, and also “incubates” new businesses in education or health. That is one of the first ways in which he defines himself. As the Tai Lopez BRAND, however, he pretty much just began that as a personal blog that wound up growing into the brand he is now, and of which the 67 Steps is a big part.

As you watch and/or listen to various videos and interviews with this guy, you begin to get the feeling that he isn’t going to be seen all that much in the forefront of his programs once he’s developed them. He has a fairly large staff that helps him since he admits that he spends a lot of his time strategizing. But, it does sound like he does keep his thumb firmly on the pulse of his own creations. It’s just difficult to get a truly firm reading on exactly HOW MUCH time he spends. Obviously, when you are on a coaching call with him, he’s right there – so he’s certainly not “outsourcing” his own presence.

This honed his skills and allowed him to enjoy the life he currently enjoys. At present, he travels, reads and has developed foundational concepts which he shares willingly with others who would like to enjoy a more comfortable life.

He believes that success cannot be attained overnight. It would be wrong to expect monumental gains with a crash course in whatever field one chooses. This is why a number of his followers feel he is a legitimate “success guru.” He says that he hopes people will make use of this program to influence their lives for the better because when one hits rock bottom, there is no other place to go but up.

There is a big “but” coming here – and I’m sure you saw it coming. I personally think he stretches the truth about a number of things in his own life when he just doesn’t need to. Consider a video where he stands in front of a long pool at a large mansion as he speaks to the audience. In this video, he makes it sound as though this is his own house. It doesn’t take a genius to discover that the house he is standing at is located at a specific Beverly Hills, CA address (no, I’m not going to divulge it – go find it yourself, it won’t take you long) that is clearly “owned” by a completely different individual. Now, it IS possible that he is renting it and living in it, which is no crime – and if he is renting it, he’s shelling out big bucks to do so. More power to him. But to imply that it belongs to him… well, that’s not very truthful now, is it?

And, is that really any way to sell your product? He’d me more likely to sell to me if he just said, “Hey, dig this awesome house I’m renting in Beverly Hills! I’ve worked hard to get here!” I rent on the beach, and I love it. But I don’t try to make people believe it belongs to me. Geeze, man… give your readers a little more credit.

Alright, enough about that. You get where I’m coming from, so let’s just talk about his program now.

Tai Lopez’s 67 Steps program is a popular program among the younger crowd as it covers getting anything you want, be it success, wealth, happiness and even health. He even has a book of the day newsletter as he believes that wealth and success cannot be achieved without knowledge.

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Our Review Of How The 67 Steps Came to Be

Tai said that he developed this program because he had a list of things that he wanted to share with people. These nuggets of wisdom could alleviate their current lives. The original list contained 66 eye-opening revelations as studies show that it takes about 66 days for someone to form a new habit. Lopez decided to add an extra nugget of wisdom for good luck bringing it to, of course, 67.


he Practical Steps to a Better Life

One cannot improve if one does not divert his or her course from whatever destructive path one is on. This revolutionary program is meant to help steer people towards what he calls the good life. This is something we all want but cannot seem to get. Tai Lopez’s program makes it easier to re-assess our paths and correct the errors that prevent us from achieving our dreams.

tai-lopez-67-steps-program-claim-your-spotHe frequently emphasizes that he has observed how people tend to be easily distracted. He uses examples such as partying, going out drinking and clubbing – and although these things aren’t necessarily “bad” in general, when they become “distracting” to what you need to get done, well, then it’s a problem. And, in all honesty, I cannot argue with that because he’s right.

So, one of the things I’ve noticed with his approach is that he occasionally just “hits the nail on the head” when it comes to talking about the truth of the matter. I guess what I’m trying to say is that sometimes what he says is uncomfortable. Not that this is a negative thing. Sometimes we need to be shaken from our comfort zone to look ourselves in the mirror and see the truth of who we are, and what we’re doing.

Please note that many of these “nuggets” come from practical information, personal experience and some of the greatest minds in history.

Are Testimonials From 67 Steps Enough Proof?

One thing that I have discovered as I learn more and more about Tai and his programs, is that when he launches a program, he does beta tests. And this particular gig is the same. He tested it among his own group of followers, people who have subscribed to his email list – which you can do as well, for free, in order to get his newsletters. If this initial group didn’t prove out the value of the program, he most likely would not have released it to the masses.

As with any program, there are those who love it, and there are detractors. If you did not expect to find a population of both, then there is something not quite right.

Many who have gone through the program have much to say about its effectiveness. Unlike other self-help programs available online, this one does not promise instant results. Tai Lopez does not promise that it will change the lives of everyone who reads it. He does however, promise that those who put it to use in their daily lives will experience continuous and gradual results. Yes, while knowledge is power, implementing it in our daily lives is what steers us into the right direction.

Some of the obvious testimonials are about money, since the lack thereof seems to be a running theme through the majority of online self-help programs these days. And yet, another talks about how the participant was able to lose a considerable amount of weight by following the steps. That’s a bit different type of tick mark in the “Yay” column that I didn’t quite expect.

And that’s the type of thing that might be the differentiating factor between this program and other personal improvement programs out there: What he is teaching reaches different levels and different needs of each participant.

Head over to the Official Tai Lopez 67 Steps Site:

As we mentioned earlier, he is big into reading, and of course you can expect that you will be encouraged to read, read, and then read some more as part of the process. If you don’t enjoy reading, my guess is that you won’t particularly enjoy this program.

There are some complaints that I’ve heard from a few participants stating that the actual membership has a few kinks, where in one case, a guy bought the program, but he never saw a charge on his credit card. Yet, he was granted access to the membership area for a while until he was shut out due to their statement that he didn’t pay. This is the type of annoying and almost insulting experience that might turn a potential member off. Then, in another case, a person stated that he wanted to cancel his membership; however, they didn’t honor his wishes (at least at first, and it took him a while to get that taken care of).

On the plus side, there is a great deal of value in following through on these types of action steps. Some are more simplistic than others; however, others take more thought and consideration.

The 67 Steps program has the potential to change lives since it provides a better insight about our path. However, it should be put to use daily. One has to make it a habit, to apply it, before it can truly work. Therefore, to truly enjoy the good life, we have to unlearn old habits that might be keeping us from true success.

Is it worth the money? For a mere $67 it’s worth a shot, especially since he offers a 60 day, “100% no questions asked money back guarantee.” Please though, read the small print on your order form, because when you buy it, you are AUTOMATICALLY getting what he calls a “VIP 14 Day Free Membership” and it clearly shows that it’s free for that 14 days; however, beware! After that, you will automatically be billed $69.99/month after the 14 day free membership ends. He says you can “cancel anytime,” but I’d be careful, given the trouble one of the members had doing so. And you have NO CHOICE to “opt out” of the “14 Day Free Membership.” Just a heads up!

Good luck with your decision!